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I was inspired to become a professional esthetician because I have had so many people in my life who have had skin problems.  For instance, my father has had Eczema all his life and still suffers today at the age of 86.  In addition, my boyfriend, myself and many friends have had to deal with acne and acne scars.  Today, wrinkles and age spots are an additional skin problem many of us would like to be rid of.   In fact, many of us would like to see some improvement in our appearance, and I love to help people reduce skin imperfections, so they feel more confident and have greater self-esteem.  

I have been told I have got a wonderful, friendly and outgoing personality.  I am also a very caring person with a big heart.  Furthermore, I absolutely love to take care of people – men as well as women from the ages of 13 to 89 – I just LOVE people!  Additionally, people feel very comfortable with me because I am very open and honest.  Also, my excellent communication and customer service skills are essential to my success.   It was my dear friend Terri Lee Bridges that encouraged me to pursue a career in skin care. Thank You Terri!


Besides the excellent service you would receive at Celestial Esthetics, I also use only the very best skin care products.  I use Colorado Skin Care and Supply products. CSCS products are organic products that are made for the skin types of people living in the arid climate of Colorado.  Everyone I have treated reacts wonderfully to these products.

Celestial Esthetics offers a wide variety of treatments, such as facials, chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments, but my favorite service is probably micro needling.  I love micro needling because I can see the changes in the skin after each treatment and I love to hear the clients feedback on how great their face feels the next day. It brightens, tightens, clears up acne, works on acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles and is the deepest cleansing treatment ever.

Finally, I believe that a person should choose to come to Celestial Esthetics to enjoy a relaxing time with a friendly, knowledgeable person that cares about taking care of your skin, helping you reach your goals and getting you on a good skin regimen.