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Celestial Esthetics is located in Denver, Colorado.
Celestial Esthetics is located in Denver, Colorado

European Facial

This facial is deep cleansing with an exfoliating enzyme under steam and it also include extractions along with massage, mask & moisturizers. $65

European facials are an excellent way to cleanse and moisturize the skin.

Anti-Aging Facial

This facial includes cleansing, papaya enzyme with glycolic acid, extractions, revitalizing ampules that are tapped into the skin to nourish and hydrate as well as stimulate sluggish skin and boost collagen and elastin production, massage and eye treatment along with moisturizers. $75

Acne Facial

This facial includes a deep cleansing enzyme with 10% glycolic acid under steam. Includes extractions, massage, clay mask & moisturizers. $75 Add high frequency for $20

Anti-Aging Facial reduces the signs of aging at Celestial Esthetics, Denver, 
Colorado's best esthetician.

Collagen Moisturizing Facial

This facial includes a brightening lactic acid cleanser, an enzyme with with 10% glycolic acid, a hydrate cream massage. Furthermore, a collagen, elastin and vitamin E fiber mask with moisturizers and an eye treatment are included . $85

Mini Facial

Deep cleansing with enzymes and moisturizers. $40

The most excellent facials at the most reasonable prices is at Celestial Esthetics in Lakewood, Colorado.

Back Facial

This treatment includes deep cleansing, extractions, massage with moisturizers. Our back needs attention too! $55


Exfoliating the skin while getting rid of the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). $55

You can purchase a package of three for $140 and save $25.

Ampules and Cocktails for the skin after treatments are an extra $10 and are created for your skin type and treatment.


This treatment uses small needles to puncture the skin for rejuvenation, scar revision, pore reduction & minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. $100 this includes the cocktails i put on the skin during and after treatment.


This cosmetic procedure uses diamond tips and suction to remove dead skin cells. $55

Chemical Peels

This treatment assists with cell regeneration. You could have visible results with fine lines as early as the first treatment. To achieve dramatic results and improvement to the skin’s appearance a series of treatments is recommended. $75


Nose $10
Eyebrow $15
Upper Lip $10
Chin $10
Cheeks $15
Hairline $10
Full Face $35

Chest Treatment

This treatment is done with 40% Glycolymer Gel that penetrates and softens the skin by smoothing rough and dry tissue. This helps eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles. $30

Chemical peels give excellent results at Celestial Esthetics located in Denver Colorado.

LED Light Therapy

Light therapy builds collagen, reduces wrinkles and speeds up the healing of blemishes like acne and rosacea. In addition, it repairs sun damage and helps saggy skin. There are seven different lights to choose from. $20 for 20 minutes.

AOA Emulsion

This Acid Oxygen Acid treatment surfaces debris and toxins in the skin and causes cell regeneration. Also, it loosens impacted pores for easier extractions. and lightens the skin due to hyper pigmentation or melasma. $30 or add to any facial treatment for only $20

Other Treatments

Eyebrow Tweezing $8
Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting $15 each
Ear Candle Waxing $30
Salt Glow $30